Most businesses have a copier, a separate fax, printer and scanner. All of these machines require separate consumables and service which can get very expensive. The average laser printer or fax can easily cost three to four cents per page. This might not seem like much but over thousands of pages it can be very costly. They also take up valuable desk space. Digital multifunctionals have considerably reduced both cost and space. These machines also come with more speed and options but cost 1/3 in operating cost!. One maintenance plan includes the service for all components of the machine. Clients who switch to digital multifunctions see huge savings in consumables. In turn efficiency is increased through streamlined document management. Usually the cost of toners alone is more than the monthly lease payment of our machines. The machines now come with an array of technological advancements like scan to email and fax forwarding to email. This makes your documents more accessible from anywhere.

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